Call for Articles & Videos

Dear Teachers,


TeachTaiwan has a long history of having specialized experiences in cooperation with Taiwanese Municipal Governments & Ministry of Education for recruiting foreign ESL teachers. 


The work doesn't stop! We are keeping an eye on searching for energetic, passionate newly graduates and experienced qualified English teachers.


We are calling for articles/videos that cover the diverse experience of teaching & living in Taiwan. Please find the attached Main Topics for your reference regarding your experience sharing. 


All selected articles/videos shall be entitled to 1,000 NTD~3,000 NTD and will be put on our official website as a testimonial ( for the collaborative effort with the "Bilingual Nation 2030" initiative.

Submittal Requirements

Each article submitted needs to be provided as follows: 



☑ Electronic form using Microsoft Word.
☑ Please choose a topic from the "Main Topics" below. 
At least 1,500 words and must contain an introduction, the body of the article, and a conclusion paragraph.
☑ At least 3 photos (more than 5 are advised) are required as a supplement to your article.


✉Please send the completed article to this email: and we will get back to you with a confirmation letter.



☑ Please choose a topic from the "Main Topics" below. 
☑ Video length: 2 mins~5 mins.
Video formats: avi, mov, mp4, mpg.
☑ Video resolution: 1920*1080 (HD quality 1080p) or higher (including).
☑ Language: English Only


✉Please send the completed video via Cloud and share the link or by sending a compressed file to this email: and we will get back to you with a confirmation letter.

Main Topics

  1. How do I make friends and how do I spend my leisure time in Taiwan
  2. Any good experiences with Teach Taiwan
  3. How to finish a day teaching English in Taiwan
  4. The Great places/food of Taiwan 
  5. What do you need to prepare for teaching English in Taiwan (please mention things more than basic requirements)
  6. The features of teaching in every city in Taiwan
  7. The advantages of teaching English in public schools compared with teaching English at language institutes/ centers/ cram schools in Taiwan
  8. Anything you would like to share with people regarding Food, School Life, Travel, Life in Taiwan and Application 


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