Are TESOL, TEFL, CELTA and other certificates recognized by the Taiwan’s government? When is the peak season of recruitment for Taiwan’s public schools? When should I submit an application? How does Taiwan’s government define “teaching license”? What can I do if my country doesn’t issue any official teaching licenses? What is a sub-teaching license? Can I apply for it? Do my Bachelors and Master's degree need an apostille? Do they need to be notarized first at the Taiwanese embassy and then the state department? Is it possible for me to find another program with higher pay or know if the salary is negotiable? I have been wondering because money is a concern for me What are the tax and health insurance policies for foreign teachers in Taiwan? Can I find a part-time job for after-school hours or during the weekend? Can I tutor in my off time? Will there be assistance for enrolling my children into school? Will you also be able to help my spouse find a job in Taiwan? How many teaching hours per week? Where will I live? What day of the month will I receive my salary? Will the company provide me with an airline ticket to get to Taiwan? May I bring my pet? Is there a quarantine for animals? How does summer/winter vacation work? Does the school pay for my holidays? Do I have to stay in the school during the long vacation? How many students are there per classroom? How long are the contracts and when are the usual start dates? Are there any other languages I should know besides English? Is free housing or a housing allowance available? What’s a typical teaching/work schedule like? Can I choose what grade level to teach? What grade levels will I be teaching? I am married with one child. I would like information on the ability for my family to be in Taiwan with me. Will I be placed in one school or multiple schools? Will I be in the same school for the entire school year? What type of curriculum is provided? What is the next step after I send a copy of all required documents to you?

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