Teach Taiwan will always be your best life partner when you are teaching English in Taiwan. Not only do we help with teaching issues, but also with any life issues you encounter during your time in Taiwan. Explore the many beneficial services we provide you below.


Filing taxes

Taxes are critical and an important aspect of living in Taiwan for every foreign teacher. Teach Taiwan has all of the tax knowledge necessary to guide and consult foreign teachers when filing taxes.


Communication Assistance

Mandarin is the official language in Taiwan and most Taiwanese don’t speak English in their daily life. Thus, you can expect to encounter situations where people don’t know what you are saying if you speak English, especially if you use a lot of slang. For example, you might need to communicate with your landlord about a housing issue. Just let us know, Teach Taiwan is ready to help.


Health Insurance Issues

If you come to teach in Taiwan with your family members, Teach Taiwan can help your family members apply for health insurance. We can also help deal with other health insurance issues, such as health insurance reimbursement for example.


Latest News

Teach Taiwan will provide helpful information about events, activities, and news related to teaching and living in Taiwan for teachers.


Consulting Services

We will handle any conflict that occurs between teachers and schools. Even if your issues are not listed above, we recommend that you contact us directly if you need to collect more information. Teach Taiwan supports every part of your life.



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