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Have you ever thought about how to start your new chapter of your life and become part of the community? You have probably thought about how you're going to connect with not just your colleagues, but also the locals who have a completely different culture from you. No need to worry, Teach Taiwan can help bridge these relationships and make introductions.


Start your new job with confidence

Meeting the school and your team members is necessary to starting a new job. Teach Taiwan has at least one coordinator in each city program that connects foreign teachers with their colleagues. Every school has a different work style and culture, thus, the coordinator has the important duty of arranging a meeting with the new team and also delivering important work-related messages to new foreigner teachers.



Make your life easier

As most people know, friendship is an important factor in helping new people adapt to a new environment quickly. Friends can share their experiences of living and teaching in Taiwan. Interestingly, the Teach Taiwan coordinator of each city program can actually help get you on the path to making friends in your local town as they have all the local knowledge about where to meet people with similar interests, where to get food, and what to do for entertainment. Furthermore, Teach Taiwan has also created a new platform called Instajob Asia for foreign teachers to make new friends and enrich your new life. On Instajob Asia, you can freely chat with other teachers who also work overseas or who want to work overseas.

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