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With an abundance of foreign English teacher recruitment experience, Teach Taiwan tailors teacher orientation, teacher training, and on the job training for every step of the way to help you adapt to a new workplace and culture.

To make our training courses more efficient and helpful, Teach Taiwan selects experienced trainers, most of which are foreign teachers that are very familiar with what it’s like to start a new position in a new country. They are also very familiar with Taiwan's educational environment and Taiwan culture. These trainers are here to provide you with everything you will need and want as you’re embarking on a new adventure.

The teacher training courses cover practical issues and potential challenges during teaching such as Taiwanese work culture, students’ characteristics, social expectations, the content of English teaching materials, skills of leading a class, the strategy of co-teaching, and basic Mandarin Chinese communication abilities.

New English Teacher Orientation


Discover Taiwan

  • History and culture of Taiwan
  • Must-see attractions and festivals
  • Tastes of Taiwan
  • When the west meets the east - avoid cultural shocks
  • Introduction of simple converstational Chinese and pin yin

Working in Taiwan

  • The rights and obligations of foreign teachers
  • Introduction to laws & labor policies: employment and residence
  • Work permits, visas, and alien resident certificates

Living in Taiwan

  • Housing, medical, and transportation information
  • Introduction to the history and beauty of our cities
  • Foreigner dependent services and education systems
  • Church fellowship and foreign society groups

Education system of Taiwan

  • Introduction to the educational systems in Taiwan
  • Aspects of teaching English to young learners in Taiwan
  • Analysis of common student errors in English learning

English Teacher Professional Development

  1. 01

    Seminars on English Language Teaching (ELT)

    • Strategies and tactics
    • Pre-active VS. interactive
    • Planned teaching VS. actual teaching
    • Language testing and measurement
    • Co-teaching with a Taiwanese teacher


  2. 02

    ELT practice

    • Teaching aural-oral communication: theory & practice
    • Teaching with scenarios
    • EFL course design and teaching material evaluation


  3. 03

    Classroom management and rules

    • Classroom management styles & tactics
    • Classroom environment set-up
    • Classroom management rules
    • Incidents & solutions
    • Parent-teacher communication

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