Teach Taiwan respects every valued applicant around the globe. We have developed a smooth recruitment process from the eligibility check and interview, all through to confirming the work contract.


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    Prior to the interview, Teach Taiwan will request and check all required documents submitted by the candidates to ensure they meet the requirements. On behalf of the Taiwan government, we will speak with all qualified applicants during a recorded interview. During the interview, candidates can ask any questions about teaching, the visa process, or living in Taiwan. This interview will allow for both sides to understand each other and allow us to assure potential foreign teachers that they will get the best care from our side without any worry.

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    Based on each candidate's preferences, Teach Taiwan will offer suggestions and then send the video of the interview to the select schools. The school will then select a suitable foreign teacher from the list of candidates.

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    Work Contract

    Once the candidate is selected by the school, Teach Taiwan will review every detail of the work contract with the candidate and confirm that he/she clearly understands its content. Then, we will email an electronic version of the contract for the candidate to sign.

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