What is Teach Taiwan

Founded in 2011

Who we are

Teach Taiwan is a registered and licensed English teacher recruitment organization founded in 2011. We work with the Taiwanese government to recruit qualified and motivated English teachers to teach in Taiwan's public schools. With our extensive recruitment experience, we’ve already helped over 3,000 professional English teachers find work in Taiwan’s public school system over the past 10 years. But we won’t stop there! We are constantly keeping an eye out for energetic and passionate recent graduates or experienced English teachers to positively impact Taiwan’s English programs.

Wanna TEACH. TRAVEL & EXPLORE in Taiwan?  

Come join us ! Let's work together & make Taiwan Bilingual Nation by 2030. 


Overcoming the English barrier in Taiwan

Learning English in Taiwan is quite difficult because Mandarin is the official language. Many people in Taiwan don’t speak English and many are even afraid of English. Taiwan’s government understands this difficulty of learning English, so they started to open up English teaching job vacancies to foreigners several decades ago, and the number of foreign teachers increases year by year. At most schools in Taiwan, a lot of time is spent on evaluating students with quizzes or tests everyday. Homework is pushed daily and reviewing that homework is an expected task everyday for the teacher. When it’s all said and done, a lot of time is lost to evaluating and testing the students rather than teaching them.


Through Teach Taiwan, teaching English in Taiwan’s public schools can be fun and fulfilling as the main goal is to increase our students’ interest in learning English by focusing our lessons on speaking and listening. 

Work with Teach Taiwan and make a big impact on our kids' education.

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