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Dielyn P. Hijosa 2022.12.05

A Page with an Angel and Superhero

Kevin Lee and Wayne Liu

Hi! I'm Dielyn P. Hijosa, a FET from the Philippines and I am writing this article about my great and excellent coordinators KEVIN LEE and WAYNE LIU. I did not think angels could send emails, but hey! I just received one. On the 8th of August, I stared at my screen as I read an email from Kevin Lee containing the details of a job offer. I never thought an email could make me feel like I was floating on cloud nine. I was, smiling from ear to ear as I reply to his email that I will be accepting the job offer wholeheartedly.

Notification of a new email popped up on my phone, it was a list of the requirements that I needed to process. It was such a new world to me so surely, confusion bugged me. Thankfully, an angel appeared in the guise of Kevin who thoroughly explained all the details I must know regarding the teaching job position. From school processing, and stamping of documents from school, to MOE and MECO verification, Kevin handled it all for me.

While communicating about the things that I needed to comply with, I noticed how Kevin never failed to attentively manage everything, even to the smallest of details. He truly made a thorough check of all the documents I have to be 101% sure it was all complete. I can sense that he is really a conscientious person who took his duties and responsibilities earnestly.

 As I continue to work on my documents while I was still in my country, Kevin religiously keep me updated on the status of my documents and he also gladly appreciated when I posted the status of my documents in my country. Seemingly tireless in replying to all my questions. He even listened to my inhibitions at times when I'm completely worried about my documents. I feel assured by his positive response and sincerest effort because he always gives his full assistance to the best of his capacity.

One thing I distinctly remembered is the one act of kindness Kevin had shown me—when I am almost to land in Taiwan, Kevin introduced me to his colleague Wayne Liu, who was in charge to attend to my needs when I arrive in Taiwan. It made me ponder that on top of everything, he is also a person who knows how to delegate tasks which I can say is one of the strong qualities of a great leader.

And that time my coordinator Wayne Liu whom shall I call my superhero took charge of his responsibilities in taking care of my needs as part of his role to all Foreign English Teachers (FETs). Wayne is the kind of person who takes things into even the smallest of details when it comes to my preferences in choosing the apartment. I told him that my first

preference would be an apartment that is near to my school, and like a hero who saves the day, he truly managed to find one for me.

 As my flight is fast approaching, on October 11, I got a message from Wayne reminding me of the things I need to prepare before coming to Taoyuan. All the details, from the taxi payment upon arriving at the airport to the safety health protocols, and even in purchasing a prepaid SIM card. Just literally everything I need to do, he explained to me thoroughly, in such a detail-oriented matter.  I  just admire him for being thoughtful and thorough on that matter.

Finally, on October 14th, the time I arrived in Taiwan. New exciting things await! I walked through the airport while keeping in mind instructions of Wayne. I sigh with relief as I sat in the taxi.  On my way to the apartment, the taxi driver is talking about something—which of course I could not understand. Panicking, I called Wayne so he can talk to the driver. After Wayne talked to the driver, he translated what the driver was telling me. Such a great relief to have Wayne.  I arrived at my apartment after following Wayne’s directions. Wayne was already there waiting. Wayne is such a   hard-working person who never fails to fulfill his responsibilities to us, the FETs.

In time, while waiting for the landlord of the apartment for the contract signing, Wayne took me to the mall. There, I bought my personal necessities and other stuff I need to fill my empty apartment.


Wayne, also took responsibility for processing my ARC and accompanied me to open a post office account that was the time when I officially reported to my school, Wayne brought me there and I was not expecting to meet my other coordinator Kevin Lee whom I was eager to meet so I can personally thank him for his untiring effort and support.

We were at the accountant’s office when he showed up with all smiles behind his mask and he introduced himself saying along lines of "Hi, I'm Kevin, I did the document thing," so, right then I personally extended my heartfelt gratitude to him. We talked a little and then he accompanied me to get familiar with the different places in my school together with Wayne and the chief of the curriculum department. We also had a chance to meet the school principal, were they also gave their courtesy call.

Indeed, angels do exist, superheroes do exist…I am just one blessed human that I found them both. My angel in disguise Kevin Lee—well of course, aside from being my coordinator who is a skilled expert in processing Foreign English Teachers' documents. He is a person with a BIG HEART as to my superhero Wayne Lui- a confidante with a beautiful soul. He was not wearing a cape but he was an extraordinary person doing such extraordinary things.



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