Class of Mother's Day

Ian 2023.09.22

Do you know this Sunday is Mother’s Day~?” Teacher Thando asked.

“I can’t stay with my Mom for Mother’s Day this year,” Thando said.

“But what you can do for your Mom on Mother’s Day?” Thando said.

Just some simple sentences and the class is begun. Everybody knows that Mother’s Day is an important day in the year. Especially our mother gave birth to each of us and made it through that unbearable period of time by stomaching our little lives. Hence, that’s why we named our earth “Mother Earth”, she literally bestows every piece of creature with exuberant life.





Kids frowned their eyebrows and stared at the picture of a female that Thando performed in front of them.

“So, everyone. Do you know who is Sheeee?” Thando asked.

There was not even a word to be spoken from any kids’ mouths. And Thando seemed enjoy to seeing the contemplation that kids had every time they have hit by another new story. Wasn’t even waiting for them to struggle to find an answer, she untangled the puzzle after a few seconds.

“She is the one who created Mother’s Day. Her name is Anna Jarvis, born in 1908.” Thando Says.



“We can give our mama a hug, a kiss, or tell her we love her~~,”

“Or you can say, Mom! Mom! Please sit and you can also give her a massage.” Thando said.

“Or if you are like me because my mom is not in Taiwan, she is in南非(South Africa). So I can give her a phone call or text her a message to tell her I love you, mammy.” Teacher Thando said.


Kids in the class weren’t shy at all to practice their warm-hearted Mother’s Day sentences with Teacher Thando. It was a class full of love and it inspired kids to express their love and passion by practicing speaking bravely with the teacher. During the class, I heard kids saying out loud that they loved their mothers and that their mothers were superheroes.


When people get old and we become more nervous than we were kids. I believe it is really important to tell kids it’s wonderful to express their lovely emotions to their parents or just anyone they love. After all, what we receive from others is what we give away. Anyway, don’t hide your love just for yourself. Just bravely tell everyone you love that you love them. And Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers around the world.


Shared by Coordinator Ian


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