An Insightful Journey through School Life

Lean Maglalang Batas 2024.03.18

Embarking on the journey of teaching in Taiwan has been a profound experience, filled with challenges and invaluable lessons that have shaped my professional growth and personal resilience. Over the course of nearly five years as an English teacher, I've come to realize that perfection is not the goal; rather, it's the pursuit of improvement that truly matters. This mantra echoes through my classroom, reminding both my students and myself that progress is the key to success. During my first year in Taiwan, I encountered numerous struggles, especially in navigating the cultural and educational landscape. From difficulties with preparation to establishing meaningful connections with my students, it was a daunting period. However, these challenges became catalysts for growth. Through reflection and perseverance, I identified areas for improvement and dedicated myself to honing my teaching skills.

Transitioning to teaching in a private school presented its own unique set of challenges. From accommodating vegetarian dietary restrictions , maintaining a fast-paced teaching style, I had to adapt quickly. However, this experience proved to be a pivotal stepping stone for my career, providing me with the versatility and resilience necessary to thrive in diverse educational environments. Participating in the Teach Taiwan program opened doors to new opportunities, allowing me to teach at Dounan Senior High School. This experience was transformative, amplifying my passion for teaching and cultural exchange. Embracing my role as a Filipino teacher, I found joy in sharing insights about my country's culture with both colleagues and students. The supportive environment and collaborative efforts of my bilingual team further enhanced my teaching effectiveness and organizational skills. Preparation has become a cornerstone of my teaching philosophy. I meticulously organize instructional materials, align objectives with student needs, and maintain a focus on continuous improvement. While the life of a teacher in Taiwan may have its initial challenges, establishing routines and refining practices over time has made the journey more manageable and fulfilling. Every Wednesday, our bilingual team gathers for sharing sessions focused on improving our teaching methods and strategies. Led by local teachers and academic supervisors, these sessions have been invaluable in enhancing our skills and fostering a strong sense of camaraderie within the team. The collaborative spirit and willingness to share ideas have contributed significantly to our growth as educators. Building positive relationships with my students has been a priority in my teaching approach. While encountering some challenges, such as managing behavior and language barriers, the majority of my students have been respectful and eager to learn. I strive to create a supportive and encouraging environment where students feel comfortable expressing themselves and taking risks in their language learning journey.

Reflecting on my journey as a teacher in Taiwan fills me with gratitude for the opportunities that have allowed me to grow both personally and professionally. To aspiring teachers considering a similar path, I offer this advice: approach your work with dedication, embrace challenges as opportunities for growth, and remember the profound impact you have on your students' lives. Together, let us strive not for perfection, but for continuous improvement, as we inspire and empower the next generation of learners.

Grateful for the insightful visit and observation from our Teach Taiwan coordinator, Sam Lee, as he joins us in my class exploring Sustainable Development Goals focusing on “No poverty” with our Grade 10 students.


Exploring the flavors of the Philippines! From sweet to savory, our classroom becomes a tasting adventure as students savor the unique snacks from the Philippines.


Sharing my journey as a foreign English teacher with fellow educators in Yunlin County for the first time . Sharing both the triumphs and trials. Grateful for the opportunity to connect, inspire, and learn together.

Venturing beyond borders! Our bilingual team takes on Mailao Senior High School in Yunlin County to share our innovative bilingual courses. I had the privilege to present my experimental course on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Grateful for the chance to exchange ideas and inspire one another.


International flair at our sports day! Honored to have ambassadors from two different countries join us as judges for our logo competition in marketing class. A special thanks to them for adding a global perspective to our event.


By: Lean Maglalang Batas

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